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Copyright and Music Industry

Copyright protects everyone involved in the music industry - from the aspiring artist to the successful best-seller, and from the local independent record company to the large multinational producer. It ensures that all the parties that have had a part in creating the music are rewarded for their work.

Copyright and similar rights protect the true value behind the sale of any musical recording - these rights represent and reward the creativity, sweat and toil of those who create and sell music. The proportion of the price of a CD or cassette accounted for by the cost of manufacturing the product is minimal. The real value is in the rights and the creativity that they protect.

The international recording industry is driven by dynamism and enterprise, but these would be meaningless in a world of inadequate copyright protection. Record companies invest billions of dollars of the industry's total worldwide revenues in new artists, many of whom will never prove commercially successful. It is this culturally diverse bedrock of investment in new talent that weak copyright protection hurts most.
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Copyright and Music Industry